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W3FI – From Boulder to Santa Fe to Argentina to Virginia


W3FI – From Boulder to Santa Fe to Argentina to Virginia

W3FI (we-fi) a project by Denver-based artists Chris Coleman and Laleh Mehran continues to expand. Initially created and installed in 2011 at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art as one of three projects in the exhibition BIODOME: An Experiment in Diversity, the project has now been installed and viewed in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Rosario, Argentina and Rosslyn, Virginia. For each city, the entire installation is reformatted to become location specific; the programming is redone for best interaction, the data visualizations all contain new localized information, the black vinyl uses all local building and cultural site silhouettes, and the technical configuration is tailored for each particular space.

What is W3FI?

The W3FI is a social movement, a philosophy, a path to responsible connectivity between our online/offline lives and to each other.

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W3FI Artisphere in Rosslyn (DC Metro) install timelapse from Chris Coleman on Vimeo.