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Shannon Corrigan


Shannon Corrigan

Shannon Corrigan accepted the Mayors Award for Excellence, Impact Arts, for Emmanuel Gallery last week.

Corrigan has been the Emmanuel Gallery Director for seven years. Originally from southern Indiana Corrigan moved to Denver, received her masters degree from the University of Denver and worked for the Denver Art Museum for seven years before coming to the Emmanuel Gallery.

Corrigan is one of Colorado’s top curators who was recently selected by Collin Parson, Arvada Center Exhibition Manager and Curator, to serve as one of Colorado’s primary female curators to recommend “Women of Influence” from their corresponding regions. She has also curated numerous challenging exhibitions at the gallery which include Sheep of Fools by Sue Coe, Personal Locator Beacon by Rebecca Vaughan, Constructive Interference by David Fodel and Paco Proano, New Feminisms (with Wynne Greenwood), and Raze/ Raise by Jeff Page.

What makes her one of Colorado’s top curators? She’s smart, curious, connected, and a risk-taker. I know that this award goes to Emmanuel Gallery but I can’t help but note the legacy she’s cemented.