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RedLine’s Reach Program


RedLine’s Reach Program

Reach Studio was started in 2010 by two art students at Metro State College of Denver who sought to provide a new creative outlet for the marginalized of Denver. Since then the program has grown to serving over fifteen artists every week and foresees that number growing in the near future. Many of the original “core” artists are still involved in the program and some participate in community outreach, such as collaborating with Denver teachers in RedLine’s EPIC Arts program, leading art workshops for at-risk youth at Urban Peak and volunteering in various aspects of RedLine’s daily operations.

Executive Director P.J. D’Amico is clearly excited about the success of the program as REACH is perfectly aligned with RedLine’s organizational mission. “RedLine is a space, a space where art, education, and community converge. This idea of a red line that is prohibitive, you know, “you don’t cross the red line,” here you do cross that red line and you come into a space where everything is possible. The idea of someone who might be homeless coming and making art at a fine arts institution may not come naturally, but it’s what we do.”


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