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Reconstruction: Building New Music From Old Denver Records


Reconstruction: Building New Music From Old Denver Records

Memetic & Pho with teens from PlatteForum’s ArtLab


On March 7, 2013, Creative Residents and musicians Kwende “Memetic” Kefentse (Ottawa, Ontario) and Ian “Pho” Swain (Toronto, Ontario), will conclude their residency with an opening reception at PlatteForum that will include an evening of live performance from their ongoing collaborative project Brothers. They will be joined by 16 interns in PlatteForum’s ArtLab program—youth who have been working in intensive sessions with the artists during the two-month residency, listening to, analyzing, and integrating music from old records to create their own new piece of music.

DJ Memetic, a cultural planner for the city of Ottawa, is the DJ and host of TimeKode, one of Ottawa’s most respected, long-running dance parties. DJ Pho is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and one-half of the acclaimed Toronto indie dancehall soul group Bonjay. Together Memetic and Pho have been collaborating on a beat-oriented project called Brothers. Living in different cities, they have rarely had enough time together to realize their ideas. Their creative residency at PlatteForum has given them the dedicated time together to complete a musical project at the intersection of beat production and live performance. After spending the initial days of the residency exploring new working methods for the collaboration, they have been creating two beats per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They are taking the best of the beats and arranging them into complete songs with intros, bridges, b-parts, etc. The culmination of the collaboration is a live performance of the best songs as a duo, which will highlighted during the March 7 exhibition opening reception.

Sampling old records isn’t a lost art, but its heyday was 20 years ago. We believe the craft can be taken much further. Sampling—not as wholesale copying, but as one of many ingredients—is a way of infusing forgotten strands of the past into the musical fabric of the present. We will present a body of musical works that incorporate sampling into modern beats, bringing new tools, new skills, and new energy to an old artform. After all, what better way to look into the future than by standing on the shoulders of giants? –Kwende “Memetic” Kefentse + Ian “Pho” Swain

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While in residence, Memetic and Pho have been working with 16 youth in PlatteForum’s award-winning ArtLab program. The artists introduced the kids to MIDIs (musical instrument digital interface), production software, turntables, and vinyl records as they demonstrated how to make and mix beats, develop an ear for their taste in music, and create personal performance styles. This match up of youth and artists is about much more than simply educating youth about music production; through participation in such a comprehensive creative process, youth acquire a broad swath of skills that will stay with them forever.


Opening Reception/Performance: Thursday, March 7,

5:30 – 8:00 pm

Performance begins at 6:30

Exhibition and sound stations continue through March 16, 2013

Tuesday-Friday, noon-4:00 pm or by appointment, 303-893-0791 or

Free and open to the public


Special Event with Memetic and Pho

The unGala: A 10-Year-Anniversary Bash and Dance Party for PlatteForum

When: Saturday, March 9, 6:30 – 11:30 p.m.

Where: Infinite Monkey Theorem 3200 Larimer Street, Denver, CO

Tickets to the fundraiser and more information at (press passes available via