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Petits Francophiles: Children’s French Classes at Alliance Francaise


Petits Francophiles: Children’s French Classes at Alliance Francaise

‘Pomme de reinette et pomme d’apis, tapis tapis rouge…’ a small class of three to four year old American children sing a traditional song together in French with the encouraging help of their teacher, Anne Timmerman.

Alliance Francaise de Denver offers the exciting opportunity for children and teens to learn French right here in the Mile High City. While Alliance Francaise de Denver offers adult classes to all levels of French speakers, they also provide weekly, hour-long, age-appropriate lessons to children.

Evidence supports that children not only learn languages faster than adults but that bilingual kids are actually smarter than those who speak only one language. Children exposed to a second language demonstrate superior overall school performance and better problem solving skills. Aside from giving your child higher quality of life and a particular joie de vivre associated with exposure to another culture, it’s charming to hear tiny voices speaking the most beautiful language in the world.

All of Alliance Francaise’s teachers are native French speakers. Timmerman hails from Antibes, a town in Southern France. Since her arrival in 2006 she has called Colorado home. While she rotates and teaches classes of all levels to all ages, Timmerman has a particular way with the young children. She’s tender, reassuring, and engages the children with songs, coloring, games, toys, and a puppet dog named Filou.

The mission of Alliance Francaise is to encourage the study of French cultures and language and to foster cultural, intellectual, artistic, and friendly exchanges between the French-speaking world and our local community. What better way to ensure future generations of Francophiles than to teach young Denverites to appreciate French culture and language?

Oui, oui- young pupils, who are sponges to the native pronunciation of their teachers, live and learn the French way at Alliance Francaise de Denver. Come one, come all to the Maison Francaise located 571 Galapago Street and take advantage of the courses and cultural events on offer. Vive la France à Denver!