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Nakai House


Nakai House

More than 2.4 million Native Americans live on or near tribal land. They face some of the worst housing conditions in our country. Over 40% live in overcrowded or dilapidated housing. Basic infrastructure, including water, sewer and roads, are often severely inadequate.

DesignBuildBLUFF gives architecture students the chance to design and build a new home for a deserving Navajo family in Bluff, Utah. They do this with a focus on sustainability and respect to the unique social, cultural and environmental needs of the region. Students are encouraged to explore alternative building methods, unique building materials and innovative solutions. It is, in a way, the ultimate sustainability—use of the elements naturally at hand, within reach, both physically and economically.

A group of architecture students from CU Boulder recently designed and constructed the Nakai House for $25,000. The 745-square foot house was built in 80 days and features a 50-foot long bookshelf wall that divides the house and provides a place for the owner to display her collection of books, memorabilia and objects.

Design team: Milen Milev, Cameron Minor, David Hevesi, Joshua Young, Michelle Pollok, Courtney Hughes, James Anderson.


East ElevationNorth South SectionFloor Plan