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Kim Dickey at DIA and CVA


Kim Dickey at DIA and CVA

Through Feb. 9, Metro State University’s stimulating Center for Visual Art will invite a viewer to contemplate her/his surroundings. Are things what they seem — or something else altogether?

“In Situ” features four artists, who are also creating installations at Denver International Airport, to bring extensions of their outdoor investigations — all situated inside — to the CVA.

Kim Dickey, Humberto Duque, Isabelle Hayeur and Ximena Labra come from Colorado, Canada and Mexico and will install continuations of their DIA work at the CVA in the Santa Fe Art District.

Kim Dickey, from Boulder, creates detailed ceramic gardens, such as her hedge-like “Inverted L Beam,” covered with hundreds of little leaves. It could be part of a Victorian maze, or is it a fairy garden — or a criticism of those who want to control the shapes nature forms?


“Parterre,” French for “above ground”, is a 15-foot square sculpture comprised of 12,000 ceramic leaves and hand-painted with the image of a formal garden maze. The maze includes references to airfield iconography and fountains. Colorado artist Kim Dickey’s work often explores the boundaries between nature and culture, interior and exterior landscapes and travel to places that exist in one’s imagination. This work was commissioned as part of the “Friends as Neighbors” project and will be on display through July 2013 at Denver International Airport.