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“Estuarine” – Works by Trine Bumiller at Denver Botanic Gardens


“Estuarine” – Works by Trine Bumiller at Denver Botanic Gardens

Trine Bumiller’s “Estuarine” is on view at Denver Botanic Gardens through April 29. Bumiller’s multi-panel paintings are created by building layers and layers of thin glaze in the tradition of old masters. She explores imagery that is similar yet diverse: spiraling stems developing on a plant could represent the Milky Way, a rippled pool of water might be a recent galaxy discovered by the Hubble telescope. Less evident is her exploration of memory and the environment as repository. “Our memories are part of the landscape and yet we don’t see it,” she says. In this way, her paintings are a bit like Ross Bleckner’s memento mori. And with her use of organic and abstract it’s easy to think of Bumiller as a more restrained Judy Pfaff.

Symmetrical yet random, ordered but disordered, microscopic and macroscopic, Bumiller’s works employ the concrete medium of paint in such a way as to address the mysteries of the universe, and to find the edge where the individual meets the universal.

Images below are from an exhibition at Zg Gallery in Chicago, Illinois. Bumiller is represented by Robischon Gallery in Denver.

Trine Bumiller, "Powers of Ten," 42 x 72 inches

Trine Bumiller, "Instar," 34.5 x 72 inches

Trine Bumiller, "Ring Cycle," 39 x 78 inches

Trine Bumiller, "Middle Ground," 45 x 90 inches

Trine Bumiller, "Aftermath," 36 x 66 inches

Trine Bumiller, "Big Bang," 36 x 54 inches