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Dikeou Collection Pop-Up Space an Infinite Parallel


Dikeou Collection Pop-Up Space an Infinite Parallel

Nils Folke Anderson’s sculpture Untitled (Bannock & California)  sits on the hard concrete floor completely alone near the front of the Dikeou Collection Pop-Up Space at 1331 Bannock in Denver. The space with sparing architectural elements of structural beams and suspended florescent lighting is pared down to a desk and a few lovingly battered chairs and end table on the opposite side.

As an extension of the Dikeou Collection at 1615 California St in Denver that was founded by Devon Dikeou and her brother Pany it serves an offshoot of the New York publication zingmagazine. The publication, spaces in Denver and the collection of artworks operate as an interaction between the viewer, the space and the collector. The inter-relation of those pieces is mirrored again in the Dikeou Collection’s curation of Anderson’s minimalist sculpture in this idiosyncratic space.

On first entering the space and approaching from a distance the massive piece seems to be composed of carved plaster, slabs of interlocking squares. The white surfaces are flat, man-made and at the base, lying on the floor is little pebbles of the fluff, or chaff that has fallen off the piece. Its outwardly inconsequential material- polystyrene belies the work’s mass and substantial form.

Anderson used the opening reception as an opportunity to create another link between the art (collection), the viewer, and the space.  He rearranged the sculpture “to demonstrate a principle of interrelation dubbed “reciprocal linkage” by the artist…where all the frames are functionally equivalent in size …but the work as a whole is infinitely adaptable via human movement.” As such, Anderson’s installation exists as an infinite parallel to the foundation of zingmagazine and the Dikeou Collection.

Nils Folke Anderson at Dikeou Collection Pop Up Space photo by Mark Sink
Nils Folke Anderson at Dikeou Collection Pop Up Space, photo by Mark Sink