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Colorado’s Top Thinkers in Books


Colorado’s Top Thinkers in Books

From The Denver Post:


WINNER: Peter Heller, author of “The Dog Stars” which will surely be counted as the most influential book to come out of Colorado this year. From William Porter’s interview with Heller: The novel is set in a dystopian near-future where the narrator, Hig, stays armed, keeps low and has a dog and 1956 Cessna airplane for company. He loves to fish but laments the disappearance of trout. The setting is outside of Denver. (Hig’s plane is hangared at the Erie Airport, home to Heller’s own 1956 Cessna.) (Review:; interview:

HONORABLE MENTION: Joshua Flenniken, author of “The Pequod’s Coffin” (released by Black Rose Writing in September 2012) a new writer from Dillon, of all places, who is generating a ton of buzz.