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Artist’s in Fort Collins Turn Trees Into Art


Artist’s in Fort Collins Turn Trees Into Art

In the summer of 2010 as the Lincoln Center was nearing the end of construction on its newly renovated building two large century-old trees had to be removed from the property. Local wood-working artist Drew Nichols proposed a use for the trees that would offer a resurrection of sorts: invite local artists to create new objects – both fine art and functional objects – from the wood of the fallen trees. Twenty-two local artists stepped up to the challenge, creating art objects from furniture to sculpture to wall-hangings and more from the trunks, branches and even the sawdust of the trees. All the objects will be available on Silent Auction beginning on Friday, April 26 and closing on Friday, June 8, 2013.

Artists in the exhibition: Frank Amigo, Elizabeth Amigo, Natalie Selden Barnes, Mickey Bookstaber, Anne Bossert, Ren Burke, Amelia Caruso, Bob Coonts, Wendy Franzen, Peter Haney, Lynne Hull, Erick C. Johnson, Joe Joe Orangias, Chad Wierema, Christine Martell, Mel Ristau, Al Snyder, Carl Wilmsen, Vince Wilson.

and my controbution:

suspended kinetic sculpture
4 x 1.5 x 1.5′
stainless, aluminum, ash, polyurethane