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Airports of Curt Fentress


Airports of Curt Fentress

Now Boarding: Fentress Airports and The Architecture of Flight, provides a multi-media immersion in the past, present and future of airport design. This multi-sensory experience tells the entwined stories of the history of airports, the significant place that the airports of Fentress Architects occupy in that history, and the speculative future direction of airports. The exhibition is both informative and experiential: visitors learn about the history and complexity of airport design while encountering conceptual art installations.

Organized by the Denver Art Museum with noted curator Donald Albrecht, the exhibit brings together digital art, film, animation, models, drawings, photographs, renderings and full-scale architectural elements. It is accompanied by an exquisitely designed hardcover book featuring essays by curators Donald Albrecht and Peter Christensen, as well as futurist Gillian Fuller and architect Curtis Fentress.

The exhibition will open in North America in the summer of 2012, and travel internationally through 2015.

San Jose California

Seattle Washington

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Los Angeles, California

Incheon International South Korea

Incheon International

Denver International Airport, Colorado