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100 Colorado Creatives – Lauri Lynnx Murphy


100 Colorado Creatives – Lauri Lynnx Murphy

From Westword:


#71: Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

In Denver’s close-knit arts community, everyone knows Lauri Lynnxe Murphy. Even when she’s gone, as she was for a couple of years while she was earning a graduate degree in Ohio, she remains a force here. Murphy sometimes shrugs it off, asking, “Why me?” But while she’s so wholly immersed in her work and her process, Murphy is also equally engaged in the world around her: She’s opinionated, enjoys great enthusiasms and is an expert on survival as an artist who is doing exactly what she was born to do. People look up to her — and they like her, too.

A member of Westword‘s first class of MasterMinds, Murphy remains occupied with the import of that designation: She still stands on the front line, fighting for artists’ rights and paying it forward by staying involved in the MasterMind selection process. And first and foremost, Murphy is an artist’s artist, bursting with commitment and the need to create.

Her list of accomplishments is almost too long to relate here, so we decided to let Murphy speak for herself by answering the 100CC questionnaire.

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Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, “Swoop,” detail. Art collaboration with bees.