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100 Colorado Creatives: Donald Fodness


100 Colorado Creatives: Donald Fodness

From Westword:

#99: Donald Fodness
At first glance, the works of Donald Fodness — which range from intricate drawings to full-blown assemblages, installations and performance pieces — might seem like chaos personified, filled with a million unrelated things that make your mind go a little crazy, if in a good way. But in reality, every piece Fodness finishes is a well-conceived schematic of interlaced relationships between shapes and thoughts, one thing leading into another. They are funny, strange, mind-blowing and utterly original; we like to think of the artist as kind of a Bill Amundson on LSD.

“When Nature Takes Its Course,” Donald Fodness, 2012, RedLine.


Over the last few years, Fodness’s work has been seen at the University of Colorado, where he completed his MFA; the Denver Art Museum; the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art; the 2010 Biennial of the Americas and numerous galleries. Now In the middle of a studio residency at RedLine, Fodness also teaches at the University of Denver.


“Creeping From the Woodwork…,” Donald Fodness, 2010.


And tonight Vertigo Art Space will host a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. for The Blob-(ish), a group exhibition that Fodness curated, inspired by the trend in art “toward unfolding process, or indeterminable form.”


The Blob-(ish) Installation view, left to right.: Bernardo Cantu: “Barrio Blaster.” Lauri Lynnxe Murphy : “Spoilage.” Amber Farnell: “Sublime (if you like the sublime).” Vertigo Art Space.


The show is no small echo of his own amorphous directions, which will turn up later in the year in exhibitions both public and private, including Fodness’s first solo show at Plus Gallery this summer.  It “should have a range of works from drawings and paintings to sculpture and an outdoor work, and I may make a sound or video piece for that as well,” Fodness says, with an obvious fervor for the challenge of a major gallery show.


The Blob-(ish) Installation view: Yaloo Pop: “Amusement Park For Your Mind.” Mark Upson: “Blob Time,”Lauri Lynnxe Murphy: “Chiaroscuro.”


“At this point it is early in the year and not everything has come through yet, but I am starting to think about what I want to do for the Redline resident artist show in the fall,” Fodness adds. “One thing I like about this opportunity is having so much time to think ahead, especially when making larger work.” Considering how interlaced his best works are with thought conduits and pulsing life, that’s something we can all look forward to.


“<3:P:P:P:P<3,” Donald Fodness, 2012.


Since Fodness is such a forward-thinker, we asked him to answer a few questions about the arts in 2013.

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